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Our Mission

True Link Safety’s mission is to provide our clients with superior service, solutions, and integration of all
of their safety, medical, training and rescue requirements.
Each project is meticulously planned to ensure all elements of the scope are considered and outlined.
This system incorporates our own internal procedures which comply with the latest in NFPA, OH & amp'S, CSA, and Industry standards.
Along with these core services, we also conduct site assessments and evaluations, analysis of emergency response plans, and provide online and in house practical training for a wide range of courses and topics all with the goal to keep our clients safe.

Our Story

At True Link Safety the core of the company is built on the basis of keeping everyone safe in any work environment. We strive to provide our clients with the customized solutions that give them and their employees a piece of mind. Because of this, True Link Safety is able to supply a wide range of health and safety services in multiple industries making us a convenient one stop source. From the early beginnings as a small high angle and confined space rescue company, True Link Safety has grown considerably and is now able to provide First AID training and online courses, safety program development, emergency response planning and so much more. Please contact us today about assisting with your future projects.

Partners and Sponsorships

Paul Band

True Link Safety is very proud to have a partnership with Paul First Nation, which gives us the opportunity to find representation in our workforce from diverse backgrounds. Through this strategic partnership, True Link can provide safety, medical, and rescue, services, while also hiring local members of the communities we are working within.


True Link Safety has partnered with Epic Rope Access to allow us to go beyond rescue and safety and add this specialty service to our portfolio. Rope access will allow clients a cost effective and safe alternative to scaffolding and aerial lifts.

True Link Safely proudly donates to Hockey Helps the Homeless, in efforts to provide financial support for the homeless.

True Link Safety proudly sponsors and supports the NWAA, in efforts to support & promote the game of rugby.

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